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ISN is proud to welcome you to our new website. This website will provide regular updates, news andinformation on our services services as well as updates on the achievements of our clients.

Thank you for visiting ISN and please feel free to contact us if you would like any more information or to ask any questions about any of our services.

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  • ISN is proud to announce its’ Mentoring Program in association with the AFL and AFLPA. The program’s main focus will be to align current or recently retired AFL players with the younger Indigenous players new to the AFL system. One of the key facets of the relationship will be to bring both mentor and player together from similar family and geographical backgrounds. The program will provide ongoing support for both parties to ensure everyone has the opportunity to reach their maximum potential.
    The Program will officially start on the 1st November. Watch this space for more details.


ISN is a management group committed to providing a total coordinated range of services, enabling our clients to perform to their best in a professional and highly demanding industry.

Why join our team?  Because we are Committed.

ISN has proven to be one of Australia’s leading sports management groups.  ISN believe that every one of its clients, no matter how high or low their profile, deserves an equal amount of attention.  Our impressive list of clients is testament to the way we go about our business.

Sports Management is our life

Each of the staff at ISN is there because they are passionate about what they do.  Sports Management is our one and only business function.  This means that 100% of our time is spent looking after the welfare of our clients.

ISN looks after its clients interests not only on the field but also off the field ensuing a constant monitoring program to maximise the clients sporting, financial and educational welfare.

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