"If it matters to you, it matters to us".

ISN is in the sports management business, but with a unique difference. We are dedicated to providing the best practice management service for our clients as well as ensuring that success on the field is also replicated off the field. ISN is dedicated to ensuring educational opportunities of our clients are maximised as well as ensuring that their financial well being is constantly monitored with the best possible advice from a wide range of financial sector advisors selected by ISN.

The sports management field is a very crowded industry with most of our direct competitors focusing on player outcomes rather than financial and educational outcomes. ISN will be a market leader in co-ordinating the careers of its clients to maximise each opportunity that presents itself for its clients.


ISN’s model is ground breaking and unique. The ISN model is unique in that is offer as full service sports management regime, which includes club selection, draft opportunities, contract advice and negotiations as well as the full suite of financial services interconnected to the sports outcome.

These services include financial risk analysis, taxation advice, and analysis of property and commercial opportunities with a panel of financial services experts selected by ISN. These services are overlaid with ISN’s continuing support in all available areas of education for their clients.

This includes researching available grants for further education from all participants in the sector as well as matching the most appropriate education provider with the client.

ISN is also dedicated to ensuring that our clients are prepared for a life after sport and are therefore at financially and educationally appropriate platforms to support the ongoing lifestyle.


ISN has grown from a consensus among current and past indigenous athletes that a culturally appropriate mentoring group has not been available; therefore ISN was created to fill this void.

ISN’s founding directors are Dean Rioli a recently retired AFL player who has had wide experience in mentoring indigenous and non-indigenous athletes through his work with Sports Health Check Australia, Whitelion, the ETU and various AFL Clubs.

Nathan Lovett-Murray is another founding director who is a current AFL player at Essendon FC. Nathan has been exposed to the same programs and mentoring as Dean and is a keen participant in a wide range of indigenous initiatives.

Peter Jess is the other founding director is ISN. Peter has been involved with elite athletes in a wide range of sports locally and internationally for over 25 years and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in contractual and sports management to the group.


The core strengths of ISN are that our directors have had the first hand experience in all aspects of the services provided over many years and understand the industry and outcomes that are essential for the wellbeing of our clients.


ISN have built an impressive list of contacts in the corporate and sporting industry that can be used for the benefit of our clients.  Strong links have been made with some of Australia’s largest companies, and ISN holds healthy relationships with Australia’s various individual sporting bodies.